CIGIREX™ from the United States introduces a breakthrough on how nicotine is delivered to your bloodstream without tar, tobacco and thousands of carcinogens associated with traditional cigarettes. In most cases, traditional tobacco cigarettes include harmful carcinogens including alkaline, which is found in batteries, as well as many other products. CIGIREX™ removes these harmful ingredients associated with traditional cigarettes and offers a no tobacco, tar-free method of delivering nicotine into your system.

CIGIREX looks and feels like a traditional cigarette. The cartomizer technology is the science in CIGIREX's delivery system. CIGIREX is powered by a long lasting rechargeable battery housed in the front of the cigarette shaped device. The battery powers the cartomizer to heat and safely deliver the nicotine with water vapor. The cartomizer is a small device that sits just behind the battery, the replaceable nicotine cartridge. The device allows for nicotine delivery to the user without the tobacco and tar. The out flowing is water vapor which simulates smoke so you can enjoy the visual emission from your mouth as you exhale much like the traditional cigarette. CIGIREX provides you the freedom to enjoy the personal pleasure associated with smoking in places where traditional smoking has been banned. (bars, lounges, planes, trains etc.) CIGIREX can also be enjoyed in your personal spaces such as, your home, friends' homes and car without the odor, ash or possibility of burning holes in any of your possessions.

It is only because of advances in technology and modern science that CIGIREX is possible. It is time to say NO to being addicted to tobacco cigarettes. If you are among this group, then take your first steps to taking charge of your life, your destiny and your future. CIGIREX along with Together Against Cancer (UK Registered Charity No. 1123665) invites you to take the CIGIREX Challenge to live tobacco and tar free!

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